Poff sofa
Module 1+5
Mainline Flax co. 20
주문 후 3개월 소요

  • 3,300,000원
  • WON collection
  • 적립금 33,000원 (1%)
  • Like oversized building blocks, - just feel free to play. The expression is minimalistic, and will adapt to any possible setting. The super soft pieces are a perfect retreat - for yourself and anyone who want's to join.
  • P0000KCB
  • W201 x D83 x H65 cm

*NOMAD 110

  • 410,000원
  • 적립금 4,100원 (1%)
  • P0000HXO

Edge Pot Ø25, 2colors

  • 130,000원
  • 적립금 1,300원 (1%)
  • P0000IWS

Mategot Demon 2x5 shelves
주문 후 3개월 소요

  • 2,350,000원
  • GUBI
  • 적립금 23,500원 (1%)
  • Mathieu Matégot's organic forms and lightness of touch create a sense of joy and the ground breaking and innovative techniques that he applied resulted in unique aesthetics and, above all, contemporary designs. Today, Matégot's designs are equally fit for the purpose as when they were originally conceived, and his legendary designs are both timeless and classic.

    The Nagasaki chair is one of few three-legged chairs and is still Matégot's best-known piece. It is included in the permanent exhibition at the Vitra Design Museum. The Copacabana chair is included in the design collection at the Museum of Decoratives Arts in Paris and the design collection at the Georges Pompidou Centre, National Museum of Modern Art, Industrial centre, Beaubourg, Paris.

    Gubi's collection of original Mategot design includes The Nagasaki Chair & Stool, The Dedal Shelf, Kangourou Table, The Mategot Coatrack & Trolley, The Demon Shelf System and the Copacabana Chair and Tabe.
  • P0000JYT
  • Shelf: L115 x D25 x H 2.5 cm
  • Walnut, metal