Siena Canvas Bag
시에나 캔버스 백

  • 60,000원
  • artek
  • 적립금 600원 (1%)
  • 알바 알토가 이탈리아의 유명한 도시에서 영감을 받아 디자인한 기하학적인 패턴, 시에나 컬렉션.

  • P0000RXO
  • 48,000원 (최대 12,000원 할인)
  • 41 x 41 cm
  • 100% canvas cotton
  • 5G 배송

Kay Bojesen Reworked Bear S
카이 보예센 리워크드 베어
스몰 (39286)
7월 초 입고예정

  • 260,000원
  • Kay Bojesen
  • 적립금 2,600원 (1%)
  • Kay Bojesen was inspired by several uniformed bodies, which can be seen in, among others, Garderen and Politimanden. The original Marine figure has a charming expression with a slimmer silhouette and the hat at an angle. The dark blue uniform, the slanted hat and the striped collar give a nice maritime look. Kay Bojesen went on a voyage and on his way he sailed as the only registered passenger on a Russian cargo ship named Minsk. Kay Bojesen's statement about the sailors was thus "They became all my friends and the ship my home".

  • P0000TDO
  • 208,000원 (최대 52,000원 할인)
  • W9 x D6 x H 14.5 cm
  • mix wood

Kanto Magazine Firewood rack
칸토 매거진 랙
화이트 (28501602Q)
주문 후 3개월 소요

  • 320,000원
  • artek
  • 적립금 3,200원 (1%)
  • 자작나무 합판 한 장으로 만들어진 칸토 매거진 랙.
    Designed in 2004.

  • P0000TFQ
  • 256,000원 (최대 64,000원 할인)
  • W 34 x D 28 x H 56.5 cm
  • Form-pressed birch veneer

Caret MF1
캐럿 포터블 램프
버건디 (83531001)
주문 후 4개월 소요

  • 370,000원
  • 적립금 3,700원 (1%)
  • A practical solution to the increasingly blurred boundaries between work and home, the portable Caret reimagines the linear silhouettes of the classic, green-shaded designs – known as 'bankers lamps' – found in historic libraries. Made entirely from lacquered steel, the design features a rounded base and a long, pyramid-shaped top that emits a soft, diffused light. The lamp comes in two contemporary colours: Dark Burgundy and Silk Grey.

  • P0000TAW
  • 296,000원 (최대 74,000원 할인)
  • W 15 x D 10 x H 22 cm
  • lacquered metal, ABS